Hotel Pigalle Paris, stay in a lively neighborhood

Choosing a hotel Pigalle Paris means making the decision to live Paris without taking a break, to enjoy a lively neighborhood day and night. Far from the clichés one might have of the neighborhood, Pigalle is a cultural and entertainment Mecca, like the Moulin Rouge. Thanks to the Hotel Opera Frochot, discover Pigalle in all its facets.

Hotel in Pigalle Paris, ideal location for a successful stay

Staying in South Pigalle is like being between two great districts of Paris. On one side, you are at the Opéra Garnier, and its department stores on the Boulevard Haussmann. On the other, you are near of the Butte, with its village atmosphere and theaters. Choosing a hotel Pigalle Paris, such as the Opéra Frochot located in the heart of this 9th district, is to make sure to live your Parisian getaway intensely. And if you want to change the atmosphere, the metro or the grand boulevards will take you to the rest of the capital in just a few minutes. By staying in the 9th district, in this hotel Pigalle in Paris, you will make sure to easily discover the whole capital.

Hotel Paris Pigalle, the charm of an establishment close to you

Whatever the size of the establishment, you are always under the spell of a hotel that welcomes you personally, that knows how to offer you a warm, almost intimate atmosphere. It is the choice of this hotel Pigalle Paris to be a family hotel. It has only 26 rooms, to better preserve its atmosphere and focus on comfort. Premium queen-size bedding, the Nespresso coffee maker, free wifi, top-brand skin care products, the calm of the place and its continental breakfast, all add up to a stay where you will feel at home. From the team, you will retain its benevolence. By choosing a tourist area like Pigalle, she will be able to advise you for your outings and discoveries. But the concierge service will also be at your disposal for the reservation of tickets, for the provision of a cab or a shuttle to the airport. It is all these little details that, one with the other, make the Opéra Frochot a unique hotel in Paris Pigalle.

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